Ensuring young autistic people get the individual support they require to make a smooth transition to the next stage of their learning journey.

Changing Lives and
Transforming Futures
Of Young Autistic People

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To apply for our services and make a referral, contact us. We would love to hear from you!

If you would like to avail of our service which works specifically with 15-19 year olds please check with your SENCO in school to see if your school are registered for the Next Step Transitions programme.  If the school are registered you can apply directly to us with your parent/carers authority.  Application forms are available via the SENCO in school.    

If your school are not registered with Next Step Transitions you can contact us directly via email or telephone to self refer. 

Transitioning to Further, higher education, training or employment

Transitioning can be difficult for young autistic people at any stage but making the transition from your compulsory school education to a new environment where a certain level of independence is expected can be a very anxious time if the young person is not fully prepared or supported throughout the process. Next Step Transitions believes that if the correct support is put in place all young autistic people should be able to feel confident in moving forward into a new environment and therefore will be able achieve their full potential. 

From school to Further Education/Training

Moving from school to Further Education/Training means moving to a new environment and usually a new type of study which can be stressful.  Our Transitions Director will be able to alleviate some of these stresses by preparing you for the process of transitioning by offering advice and guidance where needed, introducing you to the different options available, ensuring applications are made at the correct times, introducing you to the  new environment through organising tours and ensuring your have the correct available support in place for starting your course in September. 

From school to Higher Education 

Moving from school to University or anothern HE Institute in most cases not only requires transitioning to a new environment but also to a more independent life.  Next Step Transitions will help take you through the transitions process ensuring you are aware of the application deadlines for all the different options available and student finance.  We will help you through the DSA process to ensure that all relevant support and requirements are in place for the early stages of your course.  We also offer assistance for independant living through our personal development and well-being programme.  

From school to Employment 

Some young people can find transitioning to employment difficult as this is a new environment that is totally different to what they are used to with different rules, regulations and requirements.  Next Step Transitions will offer assistance with the preparing for the recruitment process through workshops and if required one to one support.  We can liaise with potential employers to make them aware of any barriers that individuals may face during the recruitment process.

Mental Health Care

Good Mental Health is essential for young autistic people to be able to feel confident transitioning to a new environment and new style of work whether that is in a college or workplace.  Our Well-being Director is well placed with 20 years experience working with young people in education and counselling to help the young autistic people on our programme to maintain their mental health through mindfulness workshops and wellbeing sessions.

Mindfulness Workshops

Wellbeing Sessions

These sessions are tailored to our programme member’s needs

Personal Development

Transitioning from school normally requires becoming more independent whether this is learning to travel to your new environment, understanding how to budget your money or being able to cook for yourself.  Next Step Transitions offer a number of relevant workshops by our experienced teachers that are available to participants of the schools transitions programme in preparation for transitioning.  

Self referral is also available for non participants of the school transitions programme.  Please contact us via email or telephone for further information.

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