Changing Lives and Transforming Futures Of Young Autistic People

Who We Are

Our History

Next Step Transitions Community Interest Company is a newly established not for profit, social enterprise (incorporated December 2021) which has been set up by an experienced board of Directors, all of whom have extensive experience of working in Transitions and with Young People who have been diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum.   Having children with an ASC diagnosis ourselves has prompted much research into what opportunities will be available for them in the future.  We have clearly seen the lack of provision and support for these young people after compulsory school age and we felt compelled to use our skills to step in and bridge the gap between school and further, higher education, training or employment advocating for the correct individual support for each young person to allow them to thrive in their new environment, reach their full potential and achieve happiness.

Our mission

The services and support provided by Next Step Transitions have been designed to support young people with a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Condition to transition into further/higher education, training or employment, giving them the opportunity to realise their full potential and make a valuable contribution to society. We are committed to providing person centred, relevant support and guidance to young people with a diagnosis of ASC as well as their parents and carers supporting them to make informed decisions in relation to the next stage of their learning journey whether it be moving into further/higher education, training or employment.

We advocate for our service users bridging the gap between school, where they may have received one to one support and assistance to the next stage in their educational / employment journey. We also work very closely with Parents and Carers and advocate the use of the PACTS model (Parents and Carers as Transition Support). By doing so, we aim to increase retention rates in education, improve employment rates amongst young people with ASC and enhance their overall mental health and wellbeing.

Our values

We act as advocates for our young people and their families bridging the gap between school and their new educational or employment setting, ensuring they receive the correct individual support to allow them to transition smoothy, realise their potential and achieve their goals. We want to empower our young people to be their best selves and achieve a fulfilled and happy life.

Our Team

Joanne Martin

Managing Director

As a careers teacher of 17 years and a mother of autistic children I have seen the barriers that young people face. The anxiety of making changes to their routine and making important decisions that will ultimately affect the transitions they make throughout their education and life in general can cause extreme stress especially without the correct support in place. This is the reason why the work that Next Step Transitions do is essential for the future of our young autistic people. 

Joseph Martin

Transitions Director

With an extensive career of 20 years working directly with young people with disabilities, extensively with ASC, I understand the barriers standing in the way of young autistic people achieving their full potential and that providing support, advice and guidance at the relevant time can ensure they access the education and employment opportunities that will allow them to lead a full and economically active life.

Christina Bateson

Wellbeing Director

As an integrated therapist with significant experience working with young people both as a therapist and a teacher (for 19 years) my aim is to provide a safe environment for young people to experience non judgement, empathy and a trusting therapeutic alliance with will allow them to overcome barriers they may have due to their ASC.

Get Involved

There are many ways to help our cause

Join Our Sponsorship Programme

We have three different levels of programme sponsorships which are Gold, Silver & Bronze.


Providing young autistic people with the individual support they require to make a smooth transition and thrive in their new environment has a significant cost. If you feel that you could support this cause please contact us to donate to our programme and this will ensure the continued good work that makes a difference to an autistic person’s life forever.

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